Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Revlon Foundation Haul

I have just been on a Boots haul and picked up these Revlon foundations and the Photoready powder.
I have read so many reviews on the Revlon colorstay makeup and with having a combination/oily skin I was pleased to see that you can get a foundation from an affordable brand that is specifically made for my skin type. I also picked up Revlon Photoready as I have used up a bottle of this already as I just think it is a brilliant foundation and the colour 004 Nude is perfect for me, it is great for all occasions and gives me a flawless finish. 
(Revlon colorstay retails at £12.49 and Revlon Photoready £12.99)

(Revlon Photoready Powder retails at £11.29)
Whilst I was at the Revlon stand I noticed that they did a matching powder for the Photoready liquid makeup that I already loved, so I decided I would add this to my haul, I got it in the shade 020 Light/Medium as Medium/Dark would be too dark for my complexion. Overall I am not thrilled with the powder as I think you could get a cheaper powder that would be just as good as it wasn't as good as the Photoready foundation for the price. The colorstay makeup also disappointed me a little, even though the staying power is good I was a little disappointed with the finish of the foundation as I just felt it wasn't the best coverage and made my skin feel a bit cakey. But its okay because I will still continue to love my Photoready foundation in 004 Nude
Have you got any Revlon makeup favourites to share?


  1. Im obsessed with the revlon foundation!
    if you got a sec i would love it if you took a moment to take a peak at my blog

    Keep on the good work
    Xo Rosa

  2. I find that colorstay can be a bit hit and miss at time, somedays I look a little cakey but other days it just looks so flawless. I think if you slowly build up the coverage it looks its best. I actually have it in 180 as well and its my favourite foundation.
    I must try the photoready too, I'm always reading such great things about it!

  3. Yes colorstay isn't all that brilliant for my skin type however PhotoReady is absolutely fantastic, definitely worth buying!
    Thank you for the comments girls :)

  4. I really like the Colorstay foundation - it works really well over the Photoready primer.

    I really want to try the photoready foundation but was a bit intimidated on how quickly it comes out! Maybe I just need practice (: x