Monday, 4 November 2013

MAC Pro longwear concealer: Review

This concealer is by far the best I have ever used it is perfect for disguising dark circles under the eyes as it is crease proof and lasts all day and most concealers tend to smudge and crease underneath the eyes, so finding this product was a win for me. 
It also has many other uses as It is brilliant for using on the eye lids as an eye shadow base as it is from the pro longwear range it really does keep everything in place so instead of using an eye primer this works just as well underneath powder and cream eye shadows. 
I mainly use this product around the eyes put you can also use it on any pesky spots that your foundation doesn't cover it is guaranteed not to crack or crease and stay on all day. My only complaints with this product is the fact it is in a glass jar which means that it can be easily broken, it also has a pump that is difficult to control which sometimes means you end up wasting some of the product as you get more than you actually need especially if you are using it just for the eye area. But over all this is the best concealer I have used so I can put up with the packaging.

You can pick up this concealer at MAC for £15.50, please leave comments and let us know what your favourite concealers are, thanks for reading <3

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween Antics 2013

Halloween is the day of the year that you can dress up and not worry about over stepping the mark. We love the excuse to come up with creative ways of creating the scary looks for Halloween, so I thought I would share with you our Halloween 2013 looks!

I dressed as zombie school girl which was the perfect opportunity to cover myself in blood, cuts and scary face paint, i used a black eye shadow to make my eyes very smokey and to contrast the white face paint to give it a more gory look. Laina dressed up as a spider women and drew on spider webs to create a spooky look, Natasha dressed up as a zombie cat with cute black cat ears and then did a smokey black eye shadow look using Barry M dazzle dust she then added fake blood for a more dramatic effect.

(Left: Laina, Right: Natasha)
 (Zombie & Cat)
I hope you all had fantastic Halloween celebrations and thoroughly took advantage of the excuse to dress up spookily and if not there's always next year!
Happy Halloween from us at BearingBeauty!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Various Hair Oils

Today I wanted to talk about hair care and specifically hair oils: I sufferer with dry, coarse hair (through over styling and colouring) so this type of product has been a staple in my hair care routine. I am going to show you the three oils I use I tend to use each one at different times of the week depending on how I am styling my hair. All of these products are from different price ranges and therefore this blog post is suitable for all readers, the cheapest of the oils can be picked up for just £2.99 and the most expensive which is the Ojon - rare blend oil which retails at £30.00.

My favourite hair oil of these three is the Matrix - Silk Wonder I find that this product doesn't leave any residue and doesn't weight my hair down. You can also use this product on dry hair just on the ends to tame frizz without making it looking greasy instead it just gives a healthy shine to the hair. But all of these products are recommendations I haven't been disappointed with any of them for the price of the Argan Oil it works very well but it must only be used liberally as it is easy to over load your hair with the product so one pump spread through the ends of your hair is more than enough, the smell of this one isn't too pleasant but for the price it can be dealt with. The Ojon rare blend oil and the Matrix silk wonder both have nice scents to them which is usually the difference with higher end hair products.
If any of you are looking for hair oils I hope this blog post has been helpful

Thanks for reading, 
Kirsty <3

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Kevin Murphy Color.Bug

I have loved the My Little Pony hair colours that became so big this year, but wanted to try something that didn't involve such a large commitment, and along came Kevin Murphy Color.Bug. I seriously cannot get enough of these! They are little hair shadows and are so perfect for if you want to add a bit of colour to your hair for a night out, and they wash right out, so you don't have to worry if you have work the next day!

I apply a bit of hair gel or wax to my hair beforehand to give the colour something to stick to. I've tried them without using any product first and found that the colour doesn't last nearly as long, nor is it as vibrant, and it runs like anything down your neck/clothes.. not a great look. Considering that I have quite dark brown hair, I wasn't sure that the colours would show up too well, but my hairdresser convinced me to give them a go and I was pleasantly surprised to with the finished result.

They are so easy to use - you just rub the chalk over your hair, blending as desired - make sure you are wearing old clothes or have a towel over your shoulders to protect your as it can get a bit messy! One thing that I would say though, is that having darker hair means I probably do have to use more of the product to get the desired vibrant result, compared to someone with lighter hair. The colour is buildable though, therefore the more you use, the more vibrant the finishing colour.

(This is the pink chalk on my hair, with a gel to hold)

They come in a range of colours; Pink, Purple, Orange, White, and Neon, which is a yellow-y shade. I have them in both the pink and the purple and have loved using both. They cost £13.95 and I buy mine from my hairdresser, but they are available to buy online.

What do you think? Have you ever tried them or any other wash out colours? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Natasha

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Jimmy Choo EDP & Body Lotion: Review

Today I am going to review the Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum with the matching Body Lotion, I have lusted after this fragrance for a while and kindly received it as a leaving present. The scent has chocolate base notes which gives it a sweet but sophisticated scent. I have also tried the Eau de toilette version of this and think that it is more of a summer or day time fragrance, I personally think that the EDP version is much more suited to the evening. 
I have found that wearing  the body lotion and then a few sprays of the perfume makes the fragrance even more long lasting and also means that the fragrance will be evenly distributed over the skin. 
(Perfume tip: instead of rubbing the wrists together when spraying the perfume, spray a small amount on each wrist as this will make the scent smell much better as it has settled naturally into the skin without ruining the base and top notes of the fragrance) 

"Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum expresses an aura of strength and beauty. Glamorous in attitude, confident, intelligent and with a sense of fashion and fun, the fragrance is a modern Fruity Chypre with warm, rich, woody depths. It's a fragrance inspired by modern women strong, empowered, beautiful, seductive and alluring with a hidden and mysterious sense of confident sexuality."
Thanks for reading! Leave any fragrance recommendations in the comment box below, 
Kirsty <3

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bobbi Brown: Autumnal/Berry Look

Autumn is here and there is the trend for bold berry lips and warm toned blushers, I am going to show you some products that I think are beautiful for the Autumn time these are the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Chocolate Cherry 7 and the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour SPF 12 in Crimson 16. These two products are dark and quite bold but when applied liberally they create a lovely Autumnal look. 

 (Pot Rouge: top, Lip colour: bottom)
Thanks for reading, I hope this post has inspired you to be daring and try some warmer shades of make up for Autumn/winter 2013.
Kirsty <3

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

September Glossybox: The London Edition

For those of you who may be unaware of just what exactly Glossybox is, it is a beauty box subscription that you receive once a month, and the box is filled with samples of 5 beauty products that might be new to the market, or even not yet available in the UK. One of the things I love about Glossybox is the amount of effort that goes into the design of each box - they all have a different theme, with this months theme being 'The London Edition', filled with goodies inspired by London Fashion Week.

Rimmel | 'Stay Blushed' Blusher

I was rather excited to receive this in my Glossybox this month as it is a product I have been meaning to try for quite some time. Blushers are one of the beauty products that I tend to shy away from as if you get the wrong shade, I think it can look bad. Anyway, this is Rimmels first liquid blusher, and the description reads: 'Lightweight liquid blush blends instantly and seamlessly'. Lightweight it certainly is! I received it in the shade '001 Pop of Pink' which suggests to me a fairly natural colour, but when I squeezed some out I was taken aback by how bright it appeared. Not to worry though, it blends beautifully and the colour was a perfect shade of pink, not too bright at all. Overall I was rather pleased with this! A full size 14ml bottle costs just £4.49.

TONI&GUY HairMeetWardrobe | Classic Shine & Gloss Serum

This was a product that at first glance I thought 'probably not going to use that' as I am not a huge fan of shiny, glossy hair - I much prefer a more natural look. However, as one of the whole points to Glossybox is trying out products that you may not necessarily usually go for, I thought I may as well give it a go. This is a limited edition bottled designed by Lulu Kennedy for HairMeetWardrobe. On the bottle it claims to 'control frizz with lightweight shine and alignment' which seemed a bit of a bizarre description to me - aligning hair?? But nethertheless I tried it out. I applied it to dry hair and blended it thoughout the ends of my hair, and definitely noticed a difference to the shine and the texture of my hair appeared much smoother. It retails at £7.19 for 30ml.


Eylure | Pre-glued Lashes

I used to be an avid eyelashe-wearer whenever I was going out somewhere in the evening, but then about a year ago, decided to take a break as I just found them to be too high maintenance for a night out - who wants to be constantly checking that they don't have a stray false eyelash halfway down their face when they're supposed to be out having fun? But I have recently been coming back round to the idea of them, so these arrived at a good time. Eyelure are definitely my go-to brand for false eyelashes as they are such good price for such a good price - these ones retail at £5.06 for one set, but are reusable.


Elizabeth Arden | 'Untold'


I wasn't overly fussed about receiving this scent - I've never been a fan of the Elizabeth Arden perfumes to be honest. The smell of this is quite strong at first sniff, but does settle down after a while. A 50ml bottle of this is £48, £69 for 100ml and to be completely honest there are many other perfumes out there that I love and would rather spend that money on. It is definitely not one that I will be purchasing myself!


Be A Bombshell Cosmetics | Onyx Eye Liner


I'd never actually heard of Be a Bombshell before receiving this product. It's an eye liner that comes in the form of a felt tip pen, much like the L'oreal Superliner. I love these as are so easy to use - there's none of that difficulty of doing one stroke too thick on one eye or whatever - you literally just draw it on. This one is Onyx' best-selling eyeliner which gave me high hopes, and I wasn't dissapointed. It retails at $14 for 3g, and I don't think it is actually sold in the UK at the moment, so for those of you from the UK or elsewhere who are interested in the idea of this product, I would recommend the L'oreal Superliner.

Overall, I think this was a pretty average box in terms of how much use I am likely to get out of some of the products, but I am pleased with the blusher and eyelashes and will certainly be staying subscribed to see what's in the next box! Are any of you subscribed to Glossybox? Let me know in the comments what you got in your box. Thanks for reading!
Love, Natasha

Friday, 6 September 2013

Blog maintenance - changed URL!

Hello everyone, just wanted to inform you all that the link to this blog is no longer and instead the link is now 
I didn't want to lose you followers! 
So I hope you all stay tuned for the blog over haul there's exciting new things happening! 
Kirsty <3

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Blog recommendation - Elleellelle

Hi guys,
I haven't posted in quite a while but I just wanted to let you all know about a YouTube girl that has created her own blog to go along side her videos. I have been watching Lashanna's videos for quite a while and thought that her videos weren't getting enough credit with the amount of effort she puts in to them. 
Lashanna does make up and hair tutorials and she is definitely worth checking out with some great posts & tutorials coming soon! 
Check out her blog at
Also her YouTube account - elleellelle
Facebook -  

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

NYC Apple Lip Balm: Review

I picked up this NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm this in superdrug it was very inexpensive at £2.49. I have never tried any NYC products before apart from a few nail polishes so this was a bit of a random purchase but I am very happy with the formulation.
I picked up the shade 355 - Applelicious Pink which a reddish pink that looks beautiful on the lips with it being a tinted balm it is ideal for individuals who are scared of using bright pinks that are highly pigmented. This lipbalm is handy for on the go it is very hydrating and smells lovely and fruity. Due to it being very inexpensive it is ideal for carrying around with you when you feel you want a nice pop of colour on the lips. I will probably pick up the other shades in the range on my next visit to superdrug. 
Thanks for reading 
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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Introducing E Fox City!

This website has some fantastic, exquisite pieces at very reasonable prices. They have a range of many different designs for both casual and formal events. They also have a brilliant range of jewelry with some individual designs that make the perfect glammed up accessories for any outfit. I would definitely recommend checking out the website and browsing through the wide range of beautiful pieces that are available. They ship internationally which makes the site brilliant for all of us around the world. 
The evening dresses available on the website are beautifully designed and are perfect for all occasions - summer balls, proms, weddings, a day at the races and many more.
drop ship clothing

2013 New Fashionable Column Sweetheart Sleeveless Sequins Evening Dress EF1111E 
Elegant Solid Layered Strapless Back Zipper Court Train Organza & Lace Ball Gown Wedding Dress EF168BW 
Bright A-Line Strapless Mini/Short-Length Sequins Daria's Homecoming Dress EF78236
They also have some beautiful Jewelry designs like these necklaces below:
Red Gem Gold Necklace SP49075Euro Style Red Diamond Gold Necklace SP49420
Hope you have enjoyed this recommendation for
Thanks for reading
Kirsty <3

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Topic of Green Tea!

 Just recently I have been making sure I drink Green tea at least once a day. I love my hot drinks but I am a bit of a caffeine addict. I usually drink coffee in a morning as an energy boost and Yorkshire tea throughout the day. None of which are decaff, so for me herbal and green teas are great as it means I can enjoy a nice cuppa but the healthy and caffeine free way. The first time I tried Green tea I thought it was disgusting but after a few attempts of drinking it I began to really like it. I think Green tea on its own is a very acquired taste so for those of you who are just trying it out I would maybe try the Green tea with fruit extract or honey just to sweeten the taste. 
My main reason for starting to drink it was for the health benefits I had seen lots of articles about how it can:

  • Help speed up metabolism which will aid weight loss, the polyphenol in the tea helps to intensify levels of fat oxidation which turns food into calories.
  • Detoxifying and helps to get rid of nasty chemicals in the body
  • Green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood lowering cholesterol
  • It can help prevent diabetes as the tea helps to regulate glucose in the body
  • Prevent tooth decay as it contains the antioxidant catechin which destroys bacteria.
  • Help with depression as an amino acid found in the tea is a substance that has relaxing and tranquilizing effects
  • Skincare helps with wrinkles and signs of aging this is because of the teas antioxidants and anti inflammatory effects. Research has shown on animals and human that Green tea has helped to reduce sun damage on the skin.

I hope this has been an interesting post and above is the picture of my floral mug I usual drink out of whilst I am getting ready in a morning.
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Thanks <3

Friday, 24 May 2013

Origins - Spot Remover - Blemish treatment pads

Just recently I've been having an awful time with my skin, I have had a lot of excess oil and as a result of this some bad break outs. I have a heart a lot about the Origins Spot Remover gel treatment and when I saw they sold spot treatment in the form of a pad I thought I'd give them a try. 
When I think of spot treatments I always think of them containing harsh ingredients to kill of the bacteria causing the spots, I often think of them smelling of alcohol. However these pads proved me wrong, they actually remind me of the dentist with a mild, clean smell. The scent is not over powering and I really do enjoy the smell which makes the review of this product even more positive. 

In the tub you get 50 pads I have been using them twice a day for 2 weeks after doing my usual cleansing routine. They have been effective and reduced the size and inflammation of my blemishes, but I do not think they are as effective as other blemish fighting formula's on the market for a fraction of the price. 
But over all they have been easy and enjoyable to use and I will definitely be giving some of the other Origins products a go! These pads are available from Origins online and counters nation wide for £22.00
What are your opinions on the Origins range? Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section
Thanks for reading
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

ESCADA - Cherries in the air EDT: Review

I bought this fragrance as I knew it was limited edition and I am a sucker for anything cherry scented! I absolutely love the smell and at Christmas I purchased the Yankee Candle - Cherries on snow. When I smelt this Escada fragrance in store it smelt exactly like this candle and that was it, it was SOLD!
I paid £35 for a 50ml bottle. This is a reasonable price for the quality of the fragrance my only fault with it is that the fragrance doesn't last on my skin for very long (but I have this problem with almost all Eau de toilette fragrances)

But I am still in love with this fragrance and if I want it to be more noticeable I will pop it in my bag and spray some on during the day to give it an extra boost. It is lovely, sweet and summery! The packaging is also very pretty and girly!
If you see this around the shops definitely think about getting it as it will only be there for a limited time only.
Thanks for reading

Monday, 20 May 2013

Clinique CC Cream SPF 30: Review

I was lucky enough to try Clinique's CC Cream before the launch date, I have tried and tested lots of different BB Creams mainly drug store ones and always thought they were a good summer alternative to foundation. Giving you the colour, protection and moisture without a heavy coverage is perfect for the summer time and knowing that you are getting a high sun factor is also important as we all know that the sun is extremely damaging to our skin.

I have been completely loving this product! The consistency is like nothing else I have tried, I have tried tinted moisturisers and lots of different BB creams but this is like perfection in comparison to everything else I have tried. You only need a very small amount to get even coverage on the face and it gives the face an illuminated, dewy look but is not at all oily. The beauty of this CC cream is that it is from the moisture surge range meaning that is suitable for all skin types from the driest of skins right through to oil skins, however if you are very, very oily it would be good to set it will a loose powder.
Hope this has been an interesting post! 
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Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Skin Regime - Dana Ramos

I was contacted by a wonderfully enthusiastic lady who cares a lot about skin and how we can produce the best skin we possibly can. Her name is Dana Ramos from New York she posted me her book which is available on amazon for £5.72 with free delivery. The book is really informative and explains how Dana herself has used different products on the market and how she has found that buying products from the cheaper end of the market are absolutely fine to use along with Glycolic peels to reveal the best, healthiest looking skin! I would definitely recommend reading this book as it really does change your opinion on some of the 'novelty products' on the market.  It also gives you information about make up and how to use the Glycolic peels at home, safely and effectively.
The book is available from this link on amazon:

 In the parcel from New York she also sent me a sample of a 30% Glycolic Peel which I have tried out for a few minutes on my skin, It made my skin tingle a little but there was no irritation what so ever. I washed the peel away and used my usual moisturiser. My skin was left looking so radiant and smooth I felt instantly revived and it was much more effective than using endless amounts of expensive face masks and other treatment. People are often scared of face peels but I have a young skin that is oily and spot prone and I could not believe how brilliantly this worked on my face, it was quite literally glowing! and I'm sure with regular use you could achieve a really healthy looking skin naturally, just like the photograph of Dana Ramos above.
I am giving you bloggers the opportunity to win The Skin Regime by Dana Ramos Book and a Platinum Skin Care Glycolic Peel, you can enter this giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Many Thanks!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Even better eyes!

This product has been all over the adverts and I couldn't wait to try this out because I do suffer with darkness around my eye are and this product has been clinically proven to reduce dark circles in 12 weeks. It has massaging tip applicator that feels gorgeous around the eye, it also helps to improve the circulation around the eye area and has a cooling, anti fatigue effect. 

The product comes out as a beige colour it is not a concealer or makeup as it is a purely an eye treatment but it does contain light reflective ingredients to give an instant glow around the eye area to brighten up dark circles. When i use this product I do not feel like I need to apply concealer on top but if I did want a full cover up of my dark circles I would go on to apply a concealer over the top. This product feels light, nourishing and lovely and makes you feel more positive and awake in the mornings. It retails at £28.00 for Clinique counters or online so far I have been using this for 4 weeks and I am already seeing a difference in the texture and colour around my eye area.
Have any of you in the beauty blogging community tried this out yet, whats your verdict?

Finally Invested: MAC 217

This is a very simple post just to let you know that I have finally done something I have been dying to do for a long time, I love my mac shadows and have seen lots of tutorials on Youtube especially from Tanya Burr using the mac 217 blending brush. 
I am so glad I have got this baby in my collection, it blends eye shadows seamlessly and makes applying shadow especially in the crease so much easier, it helps me create so much more dimension when applying eye shadows. It really is a super, super brush!
This brush can be purchased from mac counters or the website at for £17.00 (it is totally worth it!)
Is there there any other mac eye brushes you would recommend for me to purchase for my brush collection?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Random collection: this weeks favourites

This week I am loving mac lipstick in bombshell this is lovely metallic pink with a gold shimmer as I was looking for something at bit brighter and bolder for the spring time. 
This week I have also rediscovered my love for Clinique's moisture surge - extended thirst relief for all skin types. This moisturiser has a more gel like texture than a cream and it helps to restore the moisture barrier making the skin feel and look more nourished  healthier and repaired. Recently my skin has been feeling quite dry in certain I love using this treatment at night as I wake up with velvety soft and supple skin which always makes you feel healthier and happier during the morning. The thing I like the most about this product is that when I have used this overnight I find that in the morning my makeup applies so much better and more smoothly. This is truly a staple product, love, love, love it!


I have rediscovered this fabulous bargain product this week as I have just been using concealer as my eye shadow base, but this week I have gone back to applying this over my eye lid before applying powder shadow and this has just reminded of why I loved this product so much in the first place! MUA have done well with this one, it is almost the same as the Urban Decay Primer Potion but a fraction of the price.

This post is very random but I just wanted to write a bit about these products I have been absolutely loving this week, what are your beauty favourites this week? :)

Revlon Foundation Haul

I have just been on a Boots haul and picked up these Revlon foundations and the Photoready powder.
I have read so many reviews on the Revlon colorstay makeup and with having a combination/oily skin I was pleased to see that you can get a foundation from an affordable brand that is specifically made for my skin type. I also picked up Revlon Photoready as I have used up a bottle of this already as I just think it is a brilliant foundation and the colour 004 Nude is perfect for me, it is great for all occasions and gives me a flawless finish. 
(Revlon colorstay retails at £12.49 and Revlon Photoready £12.99)

(Revlon Photoready Powder retails at £11.29)
Whilst I was at the Revlon stand I noticed that they did a matching powder for the Photoready liquid makeup that I already loved, so I decided I would add this to my haul, I got it in the shade 020 Light/Medium as Medium/Dark would be too dark for my complexion. Overall I am not thrilled with the powder as I think you could get a cheaper powder that would be just as good as it wasn't as good as the Photoready foundation for the price. The colorstay makeup also disappointed me a little, even though the staying power is good I was a little disappointed with the finish of the foundation as I just felt it wasn't the best coverage and made my skin feel a bit cakey. But its okay because I will still continue to love my Photoready foundation in 004 Nude
Have you got any Revlon makeup favourites to share?