Friday, 23 December 2011


Hellow Blog Followers :) Yesterday i went to my nearest Boots store and purchased the MARK HILL RAW hair dryer, due to my other hair dryer blowing up i have been using a travel size hair dryer that took approximately an hour just to blow dry my hair (absolutely ridiculous). The Mark Hill Professional Style and Shine PRO-POWER DRYER has completely abolished this problem. I have been looking out for a new one over the past couple of weeks and this one caught my eye on sale from £59.99 to £29.99 I thought this has got to be a bargain. For a 2000W AC-PRO hair dryer this isn't bad at all!

Anyway my review from this product would be for anyone that needs a new hair dryer get yourselves on the Internet or into any shops that stock Mark Hill products. This hair dryer is top salon quality and for a mere '30 quid' its fantastic value. They have 3 different funky designs me obviously choosing the bright pink leopard design. The hair dryer also comes with 3 different nozzles for different styles and a Mark Hill hair style guide which is particularly useful as i do also own some of the Mark Hill products which i will later review :)

3 interchangeable nozzles for concentrated heat

Mark Hill hair products are available on amazon, Boots official website and the Mark Hill website so don't waste your time hair styling with a rubbish hair dryer when you can have this fabulous beauty! It styles in half the time as many other hair electronic brands and it is most definitely money well spent.

Thanks for reading this blog, hope you find it interesting and please feel free to leave any comments and questions,
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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sparkling Eye Drops - VITAL EYES - brightening eye drops with Sparkle 'x

I have been thinking about buying some eye drops that are said to increase the sparkle of your eyes. I have heard of eye drops such as optrex which is used when people have sore irritated eyes, but i wanted to try and find the cosmetic eye drops which i have heard about. Passing through Superdrug I spotted them by the Pharmacy department, there was a several different ranges of eye drops but i came across a range that was on offer for £1.99 each. I didn't realise how cheap these eye drops were and decided they were definitely worth a try.

Vital Eyes - Eye Drops - available at boots, superdrug and selected supermarkets (£1.99)

However someone at work commented on my eyes looking very white and glossy, so I told them about the eye drops I had used. The lady very kindly told me that it was important i didn't use the eye drops everyday as they contain particles that increase the number of light beams entering the eyes. I must admit this really did put me of and when the eye drops have been opened for a month they can not be used. I have owned these eye drops for a week and a half and have only used them three times. However the packaging states that the you can apply 1-2 drops, 2-3 times a day.

I am going to post some before and after pictures below to see if there is a visible difference of the eye when the drops are used. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think :)


What do you think has anyone else tried cosmetic eye drops?

Kirsty <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My very much loved ever increasing MAC Collection; x

Dear Blog Readers...

Here's a rather long blog on my beloved MAC makeup collection, please read on and leave me some comments and feedbacks,

Although it won't be the biggest MAC collection that's been blogged about i wanted to write a blog to show my favourite MAC products, most of them tell their own tale as i buy some of them myself and others are presents from good friends.

MAC cosmetics is a fantastic makeup brand that offers many colours of makeup to all kinds of people to create your own make up style and effect. Due to myself being a beauty budget'er i do have to limit my expenditure when i visit MAC counters and because of this i do appreciate my MAC make up very much and therefore mostly use it on special occasions.

Some of my MAC products prices and descriptions listed below:

  • MAC Eyelashes (£10.00)
  • MAC Blusher - Melba (matte) POWDER BLUSH (£17.00)
  • MAC Prep and Prime - Skin Base Visage (£18.00)
  • MAC Studio Fix Foundation - Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 - Shade: NW20 (£19.50)
  • MAC Mineralize Foundation - Mineralize Satin Finish SPF 15 - Shade: NW20 (£22.50)
  • MAC Lipstick - Shade: Angel (£13.50)
  • MAC Leg Spray - SKINSHEEN - Shade: Medium/Dark (£21.00)
  • MAC Eye Shadow - Shade: woodwinked (£11.50)
  • MAC MINI Petite Makeup Bag (£16.00)
Favourite eye shadow ever! Brilliant Pigmented bronze colour, I have never come across a bronze shadow like this one, It is definitely a beauty investment
Fantastic MAC double layer eyelashes bought as a Christmas present.

Favourite blusher! Wouldn't be without it for the world, i use this product almost everday it and it looks good over any powder/liquid foundation. I would definitley recommend this product MELBA Powder Blush as it suits light and darker skin tones and for a natural or dramatic look the product is very versitile and it is an amazing blusher.
Perfect skin match foundation shade NW20 for my skin without fake tan, however with my tan this shade might be slightly to light. I would never be without studio fix foundation as it is a miricale product and I have never tried any other product just like it, it is most definitley one of a kind!

Leg Sheen, almost like Sally Hansen Spray on Tights, it creates a beautiful, bronze colour on the skin and although its a leg sheen it can also be used on the arms and chest. It is a brilliant product however it is not a product to use everyday more for nights out and special occasions.

Hope you have enjoyed this MAC Blog, please leave comments on views of your MAC makeup collections,
Many Thanks,

 Kirsty <3 <3 <3

A pair of some what Cheap and Cheerful Goodies' x

St. Moriz
The brand name most beauty/tanning obsessives are more than familiar with, it first started being sold as cheap take on the well known tanning products St. Tropez. At first this really put me of as i assumed any 'cheap' copy of an original product would be trashy and would deliver results that were no where near the original product, however i was wrong.
Since my first buy of St. Moriz tanning mouse i have began to follow on with their new additions to the range.. tanning spray, Dark tanning mouse and bronzer (available in dark and light shades).
These products are fantastic value for money and for the very few people that have not yet tried them i would definitely recommend buying them from Body Care stores, B&M stores, Xtras stores or online at;,

Above: St. Moriz Bronzing Powder (Dark) R.R.P - £2.99, St. Morez Instant Self Tanning Mousse £2.99
both available at Body Care stores nation wide.

Highly pigmented, easy to apply, a wonder product and best of all £2.99 for this gorgeous shimmery bronzer.

Many Thanks, Kirsty <3