Thursday, 29 November 2012

Purple Smokey Eyes

 We are now in the festive season and one of the colour trends is that lovely dark, aubergine purple there are many dresses, shoes, bags and other accessories in this colour on the high street and for the Christmas party's it always nice to do some eye make up that compliments your chosen colour of outfit, this eye make up is also suitable to go with black dressers or maybe even silver. 
To create this look I used the limited edition palette from 17 at Boots to create this look, the palette was from last years collection but I am sure they  have one out similar this year that you could buy, the eye shadows are fantastic quality and are very pigmented for the money! They are perfect for a smokey eye look as the colour's blend so easily for a seamless look. You do not have to be a professional to create these looks they are very easy to create and just require a little practice. I didn't follow the instructions on the lid of the palette as I think it is sometimes easier to create your own colour blend, however the instructions are very useful if you are unsure where to start.

This is the final look! (these photo's are taken on my sister as I found that it would be easier to take photographs of someone else. However this is my own work)

Is there any requested eye make up looks you would like me to do a blog post/tutorial on?

Mini Random 'Owl' Haul

 Just Browsing in town and I came across this little friend, at the moment I have found myself falling in love with owl merchandise. I even own an Owl all-in-one suit! But there i was browsing in my local New Look and came across this cute looking little trinket box in the shape of an owl, there's a few different variations but I thought the original grey colour with the pink love hearts was absolutely gorgeous and I thought it would be fantastic to keep things in. It will also look cute in my room, this owl trinket box was a bargain at £2.99 and I am tempted to buy the other ones in the collection. 

Here's a preview of myself in my Owl 'Onsie' bought from Primark for around £12.

Anyone else completely fallen in love with Owl's this Winter? :)

What has Clinique 3 Step done for me?

I have been using Clinique's 3 Step System for the last 3 months and decided that it is about time that I made a blog post on what the skin care has done for me and whether I think it is worth the money and the hype.
I had a skin consultation to find out which skin type I was, for anyone who's come across the Clinique 3 Step before you will know that there are 4 different types depending on your skin type. I was told that I was skin type number 3 which is - Combination/Oily. 
Which meant the Step would be the Liquid Facial Soap for Oily skin, Clarifying Lotion 3 and Dramatically different moisturising gel.

So I purchased the products and began using them in the first week I couldn't see a difference and if anything I felt that even though my skin seemed softer but actually appeared worse as I broke out quite a lot. However I told myself it was just the purging stage and carried on using the products day and night. After one month of using the products I would never look back.
My skin felt:

  • Smoother
  • Pores looked reduced
  • Oiliness was reduced
  • Break outs were reduced 
  • More Radiant
The biggest difference I have noticed from using these products is how less prominent my pores have become as this was quite a problem for me. I think my next purchase I will make is on the pore correction serum as this will be even more effective in conjunction with the Basic 3 Step. These products are all Dermatology developed, Allergy tested and Fragrance free. They are something that you need to keep using to see the benefits, as with most 3 Step skin care regimes they are quite hard  to stick to, but I find 3 minutes morning and night is all you need and is soooo worth the outcome!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Glamour Magazine & Nails Inc

Glamour Magazine voted the UK's number 1 Women's Magazine have got a freebie worth £11 with their December 2012 Magazine available in shop's now!
I managed to pick up the last copy in my local Boots and I managed to get my hands on the Nails Inc colour Elizabeth Street, which is beautiful girlie pale pink.
This is a really nice, delicate nail polish which is ideal for work and other events that you want your nails to look natural but pretty.

The Magazine retails at just £2 and has some very interesting articles inside so definitely try and get your hands on this as getting a full size nails inc nail polish is an absolute Bargain!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sleek Haul!

Today I went to another Superdrug in a different town that stocks Sleek make-up. I have seen so much in the blogging world about these products and decided to give them a try. I purchased 3 products to begin with:
  • Blush by 3 - Blush Palette in the shade PUMPKIN 363 (£9.99)
  • Face Contour Kit in shade Medium (£6.49)
  • Eau la la Liner (waterproof and smudge proof) shade WHITE NOISE 318 (£4.99)

When I got home I swatched all the products as there wasn't any testers in the store, my first opinion on the products are how highly pigmented they are the  liner looks to be brilliant quality!
I just cannot wait to try these products out properly! I haven't really experimented with white eye liner and with the products being on 3 for the price of 2 I thought it was a good reason to try it out as I find black eye liner sometimes makes my eyes look a bit to heavy.
Another thing to mention is the packaging the blusher and counter powders and in very good quality compacts with handy mirrors. I am very impressed the contour kit also comes with step-by-step instructions. The price of the Sleek range is very reasonable and with the 3 for 2 offer I managed to get the eyeliner worth £4.99 Free :)
Once I have done a make-up look with these products I will post a picture up for you all to see how the products look when used on the face,
(sorry that the photographs have pixcelated above)
Has anyone got any recommendations of any other Sleek products to try?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Insane Love for Candles!

Now that we are fully experiencing winter and the dark, cold nights.. I have began to enjoy burning candles to relax in the evenings. Today I purchased a new one to add to my lovely collection, this was the Yankee Candle in the fragrance (Cherries On Snow) I absolutely love this scent especially for the winter time!
I got the medium size candle which is usually £16.99 from most retailers but with about 60 hours burning time with will last me ages!

You can purchase the full range of lovely quality and fragranced Yankee Candles here at (this is the official retailer beware that there are lots of fakes on the Internet which will not be the same quality)
Hope you enjoyed seeing this little update on winter time candles, pop into your nearest Yankee Candles supplier and definitely smell this scent! It is so sweet and warming