Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sparkling Eye Drops - VITAL EYES - brightening eye drops with Sparkle 'x

I have been thinking about buying some eye drops that are said to increase the sparkle of your eyes. I have heard of eye drops such as optrex which is used when people have sore irritated eyes, but i wanted to try and find the cosmetic eye drops which i have heard about. Passing through Superdrug I spotted them by the Pharmacy department, there was a several different ranges of eye drops but i came across a range that was on offer for £1.99 each. I didn't realise how cheap these eye drops were and decided they were definitely worth a try.

Vital Eyes - Eye Drops - available at boots, superdrug and selected supermarkets (£1.99)

However someone at work commented on my eyes looking very white and glossy, so I told them about the eye drops I had used. The lady very kindly told me that it was important i didn't use the eye drops everyday as they contain particles that increase the number of light beams entering the eyes. I must admit this really did put me of and when the eye drops have been opened for a month they can not be used. I have owned these eye drops for a week and a half and have only used them three times. However the packaging states that the you can apply 1-2 drops, 2-3 times a day.

I am going to post some before and after pictures below to see if there is a visible difference of the eye when the drops are used. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think :)


What do you think has anyone else tried cosmetic eye drops?

Kirsty <3 <3 <3


  1. They've definitely changed the colour! Although I'm worried about how safe they are haha. I must say your eyebrows are amazingly shaped xx

  2. Do you think? Yes I'm thinking the same haha the lady who told me about the risk used to be a nurse aswell which made me worry, I just wanted to put a post on and see if other people use them or not, Aww thank you :) they look about dodgey on these photo's as I have a few stray hairs but thank you very much! xxx

  3. I do know someone who uses them and shes never had trouble! So they may be fine? I use sunbeds so I'm probably worse off than you haha I've just got a thing about eyes, I only learnt contact lenses cos I look horrid in glasses. And your welcome, they're not too thick not too thin, mine are all pencil haha xxx

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    Lovely blog - you have amazing eyes!!


  5. Thankyou Helen and Kirsty :) Lovely comments xxxxx

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