Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Dream dog! I would absolutely love one of these babies, doubt i'll be getting one any time soon though :(
Does anyone on here own any pugs? I think they are lovely and will hopefully be able to get one of these cute dogs in the future

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Why am I feeling so tired? I've literally had a free day today and have so many jobs to do... I go back to being hectically busy next week, all I've done is lounge around all day feeling lethargic and weary.
I'm seeing my friends this evening and I seriously need to chirp up.
Anyway I thought seen as I haven't shifted myself away from  my laptop I would post something on here and be a bit more inspired. Instead of peering out the window at the awful rain and feeling freezing (winter's well and truly on it's way)
On to a brighter note these are my recently purchased Converse.. my first ever pair and they are extremely comfortable to wear, but unfortunately not appropriate for this wet weather. I bought these from office on sale, they are usually £42.99

Another 1st time buy! That I've seen plastered around on many beauty blogs is the 1 second - nail polish remover by Boujois.. This is amazing! It does exactly what it says on the tins and is a much easier and mess free way to remove nail polish.. I am actually thrilled with this product! Acetone free, nourishing for the nails and it smells divine - Red fruits and Vanilla mmmmmmmm..

Thanks for reading, comments will be much appreciated :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

New Watch

From my last post I mentioned I was having a Job interview for Clinique, I have sucessfully got the Job and I am very nervous/excited about starting the job and the training I will recieve.
I thought I'd just post something to show my new DKNY Watch that i have purchased, I am very happy with it and feel really proud wearing the lovely piece of Jewellery

Also today would of been my beautiful Grandma's Birthday :( R.I.P Grandma, you are never forgotten <3