Thursday, 26 July 2012

In Love!

No. 7 available in Boots have quite recently joined the BB cream hype! I purchased the garnier one as soon as it was launched and thought it was fabulous with light coverage but a bit too oily for my particular skin type.
However I decided to give a BB cream a second chance with having a £5 of voucher for No. 7 their 'Beautiful Skin' skin care range has had many good reviews and with them having a BB cream specifically for Normal/Oily skin I thought It sounded like some thing to have a go with. I am so glad i did! I have worn this product every day for the past 4 weeks. It is AMAZING! It is quick to apply and offers me the right amount of colour and coverage I got it in Medium as Light would be to pale for the summer months. If your looking for an affordable BB cream this is fantastic!
 £12.95 for 40ml.
No. 7 are constantly having special offers so keep look out!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I started reading the first book of the trilogy - Fifty Shades Of Grey
I know you've probably all heard the hype on these books and I didn't think it would be a particular interest of mine, however passing through tesco's and realising they were on special offer (2 for £7) I thought it was definitely worth seeing what the fuss was about.
Anyway I have well and truly been pulled into the Fifty Shades 'cult'. After only being reading the first erotic novel for one week I have nearly finished and have purchased the last one of the trilogy today. For anyone who has not yet started reading the Trilogy by E L James. They are highly recommended and a rather enjoyable read ;)