Thursday, 3 May 2012

New purchase

Despite being extremely poor at the moment, I decided to hunt the Internet for some gorgeous, sparkly, bargain Prom shoes..
Result :) I found a gorgeous, glitzy pair, they are not something i would usually wear but seen as it is the perfect opportunity to go all glitz and glamour I am going all out

Is any one else attending Prom/leavers ball this Summer?
One last thing to mention the results from last nights blog post.. the hair dye has worked brilliantly and I am so happy with the results so is my sister

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

At home hair dye/ acrylic nails

Today has been a bit of a pamper day :) I spent the morning at the dentist and had my teeth polished, I then went on the sun bed which isn't something I usually do but have starting doing in preparation for my holiday in June. After that I decided to do acrylic nails on my sister which is something I haven't done for a while and I am a bit out of practise :/ My sister has blonde hair and her roots were coming through so we used LIVE XXL - Absolute Platinum OOA, to do dye her roots blonde.
However this did not go to plan and her hair ended up looking patchy so I had to take a late night trip to Tesco and purchase a John Freida Foam hair dye to try and tone down the brassy/white hair colour she had been left with. I will post the results to show you what the final result is :) (I'm hoping it is going to good)

The next step :)

Hope this blog post is a help to anyone who is going blonde at home and I shall let you all know how the medium ash blonde works in conjuction with the bleach blonde hair

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Catch up...

It's been a while since my last blog post, life's been pretty hectic lately and seems to be throwing problems at me left, right and centre.
But I've decided it is time to start blogging more often, stay positive and kick start the weight loss!
I'm visiting Portugal at the end of June for my 18th Birthday so I need to be feeling and looking my best.
This blog post is just a bit of a catch up and I will be posting some reviews and reports in the next few days :)
One thing i wanted to mention is the new Marc Jacob's Fragrances for summer.
My favourite is the hibiscus and for £29 for 100ml it is definitely worth while and this is going to most definitely be one of my duty free purchases this summer, if i don't get it before and most department stores in the UK are giving away a free umbrella with any Marc Jacob's purchase, so this is also tempting!
Hope everyone is keeping well :)