Wednesday, 13 March 2013

MAC Pallette

In this post I am going to show you my new mac eye shadow pans I have just purchased as I have chosen some of the most wearable shades and thought this post would be helpful to those of you who are wanting to expand their mac shadow collection. I started my collection with the shades fig. 1,vex and beauty marked - I ended up with these shades as they were the shades that stood out to me as being something different that I wouldn't be able to find from other brands and i decided I would house them in a mac pro 15 shadow palette (this is now the old version as the new one has a clear lid)

I decided I wanted to add some more neutral shades to my collection and i chose the shades:
  • Goldmine
  • Naked lunch 
  • Embark 
  • Ricepaper 
  • Omega
  • Antiqued 
  • Nylon
  • All that glitters

 This is how my palette is currently organised I am hopefully going to fill up the other four spaces with some more shadows soon and will hopefully post up some eye makeup ideas with these shadows
Thanks for reading, have you got any recommendations on your favourite mac eye shadows?


  1. can you back 2 mac the packaging for those? x

  2. The colours that you got look lovely! x

  3. I love MAC shadows. The bottom far left one which you already had in the palette looks so pretty x

  4. Love your palette, you have great taste in colors

  5. I lost my old mac palette so im finally redoing a new one, you have some lovely colours, will use these for future reference :)

    Following you, would love you to follow mine back.

    Frankie xXx