Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Best Eyelash glue!

Staple Beauty Kit Product (for false eyelash wearers)
Duo adhesive is probably not new to any of you beauty bloggers but I have recently only just purchased this product (shocking I know) It really does the job effectively and you get a nice big tube of product that will last me forever as I only apply false lashes for nights out and special occasions. 
Recently using this I thought it deserved a blog post I used it with the bargain eyelashes from Primark purchased for £1.00 as I often think it is the quality of the glue that matters the most when applying false eyelashes and I am always happy with my Primark lashes. 
The formulation I purchased is the white formula that dries clear, however I have found that their are other variations of this eyelash adhesive. 
You can purchase this product for a bargain price from amazon and other supplies, here is a link for an amazons seller:
Hope you have found this post helpful, thanks for reading! xxx

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