Sunday, 8 April 2012

Just a quick post..

Just a quick post to show appreciation for all the comments left on my blog posts :) I've read them and they have given me lots of encouragement do more..
Thank you so much for your comments they really do make it worth while
I would also like to let you know I am away for 5 days and I'm coming home on Friday the 13th eeeeek :/ for those of us who are superstitious it seems a bit risky.
 But when I get home into the usual swing of things I will do lots more blogging :)
Many Thanks to all my followers

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New foundation and cleanser reviews;

On a real downer today :'( But I thought I'd make a blog post to try and take my mind off things..
Last week at the Trafford Centre I thought I'd purchase a products I've been wanting for quite a while;
Dior - Forever Foundation in shade 020 (£29.50) and Estee Lauder - Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (£18.00)

The reason being that I already have quite a few foundations some from high street drug stores and other high end foundations that I will later review, however I have been told by friends that Dior Forever range is very long lasting with good coverage and works well with the skin to provide different areas of the skin with a different treatment so that dry areas will be moisturised and oily areas will be matifyed. As soon as I heard this I wanted to give it a try and although It is pricey It is a fantastic product! The Eye Makeup remover is one of the best I've used however I usually go for cheaper brands for this type of product, It is very good and a very small amount of the product is needed on a cotton wool pad to remove eye makeup.

Moving on to cleansers: I have problems with my skin and It's impossible just to use any cleanser going so I have to use cleanser's specialised for oily skin I have found that if the cleanser is specifically for this type of skin it will cause me to break out :( However these are a few of the cleansers I have tried out and are some of the best apart from one of the products which i have ranked last:
  • 1st - Clinique  - Liquid Facial Soap - Oily Skin Formula (combination oily to oily) (£14.00)
  • 2nd - No 7 - Beautiful Skin - Foaming Cleanser - Normal/Oily (£8.00)
  • 3rd - Simple - Oil balancing Exfoliating Wash (£3.99)
  • No 7 -  Beautifully Balanced - Purifying Cleanser (Oily/combination) (£8.00) - NOT A FAVOURITE OF MINE

All of the products above worked brilliant with my skin aside for the No 7 beautifully balanced cleansing gel; this product states that is specifically for oily skin, however this seemed to make my skin oilier and I had lots breakouts prior to this :( But after using and being un-happy with this product I still carried on using other products from No 7 and decided to use the new skin care range The Beautiful Skin - Foaming Cleanser and I couldn't be happier, The product is retailed at £8.00 in Boots however I had a £5 off No 7 voucher so for £3.00 this is the best bargain I've had in my skin care products, I would even put in up at the same level with my all time favourite Clinique - liquid facial soap.

Thanks for reading this blog post, I would definitely recommend the products I have mentioned aside from one of the cleansers. Is there any products you would recommend for oily skin?
Many Thanks

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bizzare Nail Vanish;

Recently i fancied doing something a little different with my nails, I'm always repainting my nails but I usually stick with pink/red shades.
However I have decided to be a bit more experimental with my nail colour and have received quite a few compliments on the nail vanish asking where It was from here is the effect;
The products used were: Models Own - hedkandi - Ibiza Mix - HK04 - Nail Polish (£5.00), nails inc.- emerald street (£11.00)

Either of these products can be purchased at boots or any store selling nail inc. and models own products.
Many Thanks to my followers :) Hope you've enjoyed this blog post let me know what you think about these products and any recommendations you have on nail products,

Monday, 2 April 2012

Favourite products at the moment;

These are the products that I'm using quite often at the moment, Bourjois powder bronzer has been a product I've used everyday for the past month. It is a brilliant light bronzer that gives the face a sun kissed glow without it being to heavy, this product also smells lovely with a chocolate fragrance. The other products i wanted to mention are the Body Shop Chocomania - Body Scrub and Show Cream
They are gorgeous products the scrub is extremely moisturising and i have been using it before applying my make tan and It has worked very well better than most exfoliant that dry the skin out to much, this body scrub has also helped my fake tan stay on longer and It is definitely a product  I will be re-purchasing. If you haven't already smelt the Chocomania products definitely pop into Body Shop for a try. It smells just like Milk Chocolate and I find this very nice to enjoy in the bath of shower (as I am on a diet haha) It's nice to be able to enjoy the scent without the guilt of edible chocolate products.

Next thing to mention is my discovery of the Tangle Teezer! What an amazing device! I have very long, thick hair that is quite damaged and is sometimes very difficult to deal with without the correct products and hair brushes. My friend recommended me buying one of these and It is brilliant especially to use on wet hair as you feel as though you are not damaging the hair as much as you do with a bristle brush. They are brilliant for long, thick hair and de-tangle the hair much easier, I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these if you haven't already.

Essie 'no chips ahead' Chip free Top Coat - which is said to extend a manicure for up to 10 days, I suffer with my nail polishes and even my higher end nail polishes seem to chip in the first 2-3 days of me wearing it. I came across this product in T.K Maxx for £3.99 with an R.R.P of £8.00 this was a bargain and I am always willing to try out new products I will let you know how i go on with this product and see if it does prolong the life of my nail polish.

Has anyone else tried the Essie Top coat or base coat products, or any of the other products mentioned on this blog post? :)
Thanks for reading,
Kirsty xxxx

Sunday, 1 April 2012

My lovely perfumery collection;

I've been wanting to do a blog post to show what perfumes I adore, what my favourites are and what your verdicts are on fragrance's?
(excuse the Iphone pictures there not as quality as the ones from my camera)
  •  Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy 30ml
  • Calvin Klein - Shock 50ml
  • Marc Jacobs - Lola 50ml
  • Marc Jacobs - Oh Lola 50ml
  • DKNY - be delicious - blossom 30ml
  • Gucci - Gucci by Gucci 50ml
  • Thierry Mugler - Alien 30ml
  • Bvlgari - Jasmine Noir 30ml
  • Diesel - Loverdose 30ml

I love my perfume and do not feel ready without having a  spritz on my favourite fragrances, I'm a fan of fruit and jasmine perfumes.. My ultimate night fragrance being Bvlgari Jasmine Noir Eau de Parfum, day time favourite has to be Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy a lovely sweet, fruity fragrance.
Thank you for reading this blog post,

Please leave comments sharing what perfumes you wear as I'm sure there are lots that I haven't discovered yet
Many thanks