Monday, 11 March 2013

Miniature Bargain Beauty Haul

 Here are some bits and bobs I have picked up over the last few weeks from the Supermarket & Primark. I thought that there are some valid purchases that are worth sharing with the blogging world.
First up is some Pure Coconut Oil - I picked this up at my nearest ASDA store as I had read things on the internet that it has very good nourishing properties and is a good ointment for damaged hair to use as a hair mask. I found this on the health & beauty department which was quite handy as I haven't actually seen it in shops before and thought that you could only get it in health shops.

I applied it to dampened hair by warming some of the solid oil in my palms and spreading it through the lengths of my hair. I then wrapped my hair in a warm and damp towel and relaxed in the bath for around 20-30 minutes. I then rinsed the oil out using warm water and used my normal shampoo and conditioner prior to this treatment. After when I came to blow drying my hair I used my normal heat protecting spray and a large paddle brush. My hair felt so different almost like it wasn't my own hair, it was so soft, moisturised and just felt significantly less damaged. I would definitely recommend this  as a natural hair treatment.

Next up is some beauty bits that I picked up from Primark, I was having a browse and didn't see any clothing items I was particularly interested in  but I have used both the eyelashes and the stick on nails before and for the little cost of £1 they are very good quality, so I thought I would pick some up whilst I was passing through. The eyelashes are great quality for the price and I thought I would pick up a thin pair and a thicker pair for a more dramatic effect.

I apologise for the length of time since my last post I have had the most hectic month of my life, but I was starting the blogging scene and am hopefully going to get back into it :)


  1. The oil sounds great i may purchase some on my next asda visit.

    Kate @ sparkle dust xx

  2. Yes I would definitely recommend, its so cheap and really does work! :) They will probably have it at other supermarkets too!
    Thanks for the comment xx

  3. I definitely want to try the oil and the primark nails are lovely ! x

    1. Yes it's so nourishing my advice would just be to make sure you use shampoo after it to remove any residue.. The nails are fabulous for £1 much better than some of the more pricey false nails they seem to last well too :) xx

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    Hope you visit my blog again...

  5. Hello! :)

    First time on ur blog, like it. U look a little like princess Kate :)

    Visit me :)

  6. Those sultry lashes look intriguing but I don't think they sell in in where I live ):

    lovely blog

  7. love coconout oil for hair works wonders!!