Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween Antics 2013

Halloween is the day of the year that you can dress up and not worry about over stepping the mark. We love the excuse to come up with creative ways of creating the scary looks for Halloween, so I thought I would share with you our Halloween 2013 looks!

I dressed as zombie school girl which was the perfect opportunity to cover myself in blood, cuts and scary face paint, i used a black eye shadow to make my eyes very smokey and to contrast the white face paint to give it a more gory look. Laina dressed up as a spider women and drew on spider webs to create a spooky look, Natasha dressed up as a zombie cat with cute black cat ears and then did a smokey black eye shadow look using Barry M dazzle dust she then added fake blood for a more dramatic effect.

(Left: Laina, Right: Natasha)
 (Zombie & Cat)
I hope you all had fantastic Halloween celebrations and thoroughly took advantage of the excuse to dress up spookily and if not there's always next year!
Happy Halloween from us at BearingBeauty!

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