Wednesday, 22 May 2013

ESCADA - Cherries in the air EDT: Review

I bought this fragrance as I knew it was limited edition and I am a sucker for anything cherry scented! I absolutely love the smell and at Christmas I purchased the Yankee Candle - Cherries on snow. When I smelt this Escada fragrance in store it smelt exactly like this candle and that was it, it was SOLD!
I paid £35 for a 50ml bottle. This is a reasonable price for the quality of the fragrance my only fault with it is that the fragrance doesn't last on my skin for very long (but I have this problem with almost all Eau de toilette fragrances)

But I am still in love with this fragrance and if I want it to be more noticeable I will pop it in my bag and spray some on during the day to give it an extra boost. It is lovely, sweet and summery! The packaging is also very pretty and girly!
If you see this around the shops definitely think about getting it as it will only be there for a limited time only.
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  2. found you on the blog hop :)

    Ive always wanted to try escada perfumes. glad you like this one!

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  4. I had a little spray of this in Boots the other day, it's lovely and fruity :) x

  5. I absolutely adore Escada scents, they are always incredible! I cant tell you how many I have picked up now. I think I might pick this up at the airport soon before my holiday. It always gets me in the mood for the sun when I smell Escada scents :)

    Victoria from In the Frow xx

  6. Sounds beautiful, I want it!

    -Megan x

  7. Love that perfume! Great taste!! Awesome blog, New follower:-)