Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Topic of Green Tea!

 Just recently I have been making sure I drink Green tea at least once a day. I love my hot drinks but I am a bit of a caffeine addict. I usually drink coffee in a morning as an energy boost and Yorkshire tea throughout the day. None of which are decaff, so for me herbal and green teas are great as it means I can enjoy a nice cuppa but the healthy and caffeine free way. The first time I tried Green tea I thought it was disgusting but after a few attempts of drinking it I began to really like it. I think Green tea on its own is a very acquired taste so for those of you who are just trying it out I would maybe try the Green tea with fruit extract or honey just to sweeten the taste. 
My main reason for starting to drink it was for the health benefits I had seen lots of articles about how it can:

  • Help speed up metabolism which will aid weight loss, the polyphenol in the tea helps to intensify levels of fat oxidation which turns food into calories.
  • Detoxifying and helps to get rid of nasty chemicals in the body
  • Green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood lowering cholesterol
  • It can help prevent diabetes as the tea helps to regulate glucose in the body
  • Prevent tooth decay as it contains the antioxidant catechin which destroys bacteria.
  • Help with depression as an amino acid found in the tea is a substance that has relaxing and tranquilizing effects
  • Skincare helps with wrinkles and signs of aging this is because of the teas antioxidants and anti inflammatory effects. Research has shown on animals and human that Green tea has helped to reduce sun damage on the skin.

I hope this has been an interesting post and above is the picture of my floral mug I usual drink out of whilst I am getting ready in a morning.
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  1. I love my green tea and drink at least 7 cups a day. I agree that the taste at first is acquired, but once you get used to it you hardly notice it! I started off by drinking a green tea blend, so it was normal tea and green blended then I switched to just green tea a few years ago. x


  2. Wow love green tea, but didn't know all the benefits! Thanks!
    Penny Rose

  3. Great post :) xx


  4. I believe kate moss swears by green tea, too bad I can't stomach it :( x


  5. Wow, it's so great! I like this post! : )

  6. Green tea is so good for you! Spearmint/peppermint teas are also fab :)

    Ria x

  7. I really love green tea now, I think I'm addicted! ....which isn't a bad thing.
    Jazemia xxx