Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Skin Regime - Dana Ramos

I was contacted by a wonderfully enthusiastic lady who cares a lot about skin and how we can produce the best skin we possibly can. Her name is Dana Ramos from New York she posted me her book which is available on amazon for £5.72 with free delivery. The book is really informative and explains how Dana herself has used different products on the market and how she has found that buying products from the cheaper end of the market are absolutely fine to use along with Glycolic peels to reveal the best, healthiest looking skin! I would definitely recommend reading this book as it really does change your opinion on some of the 'novelty products' on the market.  It also gives you information about make up and how to use the Glycolic peels at home, safely and effectively.
The book is available from this link on amazon:

 In the parcel from New York she also sent me a sample of a 30% Glycolic Peel which I have tried out for a few minutes on my skin, It made my skin tingle a little but there was no irritation what so ever. I washed the peel away and used my usual moisturiser. My skin was left looking so radiant and smooth I felt instantly revived and it was much more effective than using endless amounts of expensive face masks and other treatment. People are often scared of face peels but I have a young skin that is oily and spot prone and I could not believe how brilliantly this worked on my face, it was quite literally glowing! and I'm sure with regular use you could achieve a really healthy looking skin naturally, just like the photograph of Dana Ramos above.
I am giving you bloggers the opportunity to win The Skin Regime by Dana Ramos Book and a Platinum Skin Care Glycolic Peel, you can enter this giveaway below.

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