Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Are you a positive thinker?

I feel like this topic is something that we all need to explore. Life is in no way simple and in the society we live in we are constantly being confronted with stressful situations, huge responsibilities, family issues, money issues and the list goes on... 

This post is basically me emptying my brain of my views and beliefs regarding life's pressures. I regard life as an emotional roller coaster. I am almost sure that most people will agree with this analogy, each and everyone of us will reach ultimate peaks and downhill troughs in our lives. But this post has been written to identify how we deal with these experiences. I am obviously no expert on this at only 21 I haven't got heaps of life experience, but I find my own ways to deal my stresses and I think these are worth sharing with others. 

First off you need to identify your priorities - you need to realise who is important in your lives and respect these people keep them close. After all these will be the people to help you when you experiencing your lows or trough's as I described them earlier. 
You also need to be resilient in order to be a positive thinker, you need to use your initiatives and positive life goals to bat away all of those upsetting and negative emotions. This will prevent bitter and negative emotions affecting who you are, and stop it corroding your sparkle! Unfortunately one thing I have realised in recent years is that there are some very nasty and selfish individuals in life and not everyone is as 'nice' as you would like. This goes against idealistic thoughts of peace and harmony and can create mess if you let it, but that's the whole point of this post we need to work together to protect ourselves from negativity and being dragged down by life's stresses. It's going to keep throwing them after all - but have that cricket bat at the ready and never let them knock you down, stay creative and keep fighting to be a positive influence to today's society. 
As 'deep' as it might be we have one life on this planet and in order for you to make the most out of it you need to do what makes you happy and never stop battling for happiness. Think about your actions and how they influence others but not to the extent of changing who you are just always treat people how you wish to be treated and try and realise negative energy in other ways rather than at the expense of others. 

This topic is something very close to my heart as I have experienced and will continue to experience negativity in my life. But I am determined this will not change who I am and I hope this post will inspire other blog readers in the same way as it has inspired me by writing it. Keep working hard and make the most of every minute and every hour of everyday. 

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