Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Nail Polish of the moment: nude icing by models own

I have finally got some time off work and decided to bag myself some acrylic nails. Every timeI have  acrylic nails applied (not very often) I always swear I will never get them again due to the damage they cause to your nails. But with the neat and sleek look they give I always end up getting them again. This time around I got long pointed nails as I felt that they would look glamorous especially painted with this gorgeous nude shade! 
I took into the nail bar with me this frosted glass bottle of nail polish from models own, the shade is nude icing and the only way I can describe it is as a pink based/beige shade. I am normally one for a much brighter choice of nails but after having these on for a few days now I am loving them and the biggest perk is that they go with any clothing/accessory choice - Amazing! They also compliment my Pandora ring I got a gift for my 21st birthday which is also plus side of this beautiful colour! 
Whilst in the nail bar the nail technician also have me advice stating that the quality of nail Polish is often given away by where the nail polish is manufactured, she stated that products manufactured in China are of a poorer quality. Models own is made in the EU which ensures the products are of a high standard. Anyone looking for a new nude shade for their nail polish collection definitely give this one a go! 

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