Friday, 11 September 2015

Visiting London for the first time 🇬🇧

Shock horror I know, what British person hasn't visiting there own capital city before!? Especially in a country as small as ours. However I am one of the few that hadn't yet visiting the busy and vibrant city, I was promised a trip to London for my 21st from my boyfriend my birthday was months ago but we had to postpone due to us both being so busy with work and other things. So here we have it pictures of my time in London over three days! We had an amazing couple of days exploring the city we ate out at some amazing restaurants and my favourite breakfast had to be at The Dutch Pancake House - amazingggg! (Photographed below). We visited the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Natural History Museum, Buckingham Palace, The British Museum - we had a very busy couple of days but it was so worth it to see all the fascinating sites. One of my favourite parts had to be the Egyptian displays in the. British Museum the Ancient Egyptians have always faciniated me from being a young child so this bit was by far the best for me! Definitely go and give these museums a look if you haven't already! 
Thanks for reading guys and please let me know your favourite places to visit in London.

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