Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Back to college preparations

This will be my 3rd year of trying to achieve my Level 3 qualifications to apply to University. Being a year behind means all my good friends are moving away to University next month :'( This is a really emotional time for me as the past 4 years of my life have all been aimed at being able to get in to study at University. However this final year at college I am going to give it my best shot! This post is to show what stationary goodies I have got my hands on to help motivate/organise me to help me achieve the best I can in this last year at college.
This arch leaver file (£1.74), A4 notebook (£2.22), A5 notebook (£1.88) are all from Tesco. The designs are beautiful and very 'British' I also purchased some file dividers, A4 paper and plastic wallets.. All for a bargain price!

Everything seems to be happening at the moment. I've got a job interview tomorrow for a part time job on a Clinique counter. I have also been allocated some work experience next weekend at my local hospital, everything seems to be happening at once but its super exciting!


  1. Love those folders :) I've also been stationary shopping today as I start my uni course to be a teacher next month! Don't worry about being 'left behind', all of my friends have graduated this year (bar one) and I'm only just going!
    Are you going to be a HCA at the hospital? That is what I have been working as for a few years. What is you are hoping to study?
    Good Luck!

    Fiona X

    1. Aww brilliant :) what university are you going to and what are you studying?
      It's just a work placement although I have thought about working as a health care assistance as it really would give me a good insight of health care
      I'm not 100% sure I've had my hopes set on studying nursing, but I've recently done a placement working with children and that's also made me think about studying primary education. Hope everything goes well and thank you for the comment :) xx

  2. *What are you hoping to study?

  3. Good Luck for the interview!! I love the stationary!




    1. Thank you the interview went okay I think! So I'll just be waiting for that phone call now! It's lovely isn't it and very affordable :)
      Thank you for the comment and I will follow you xx

  4. i just discovered your blog and im addicted haha. You have a new follower!!

    I would like it if you follow me back on : www.budgetfashionsence.blogspot.com

    Keep on the good work love.

    Xo Rosa

    1. I'll definitely follow you back :) thanks for the comment xx

  5. I love stationary shopping I dont know why I find it so exciting! Good luck on your interview :) xxx

  6. I have the same notepad, I loved the design so much and the colours are so pretty.

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