Friday, 9 November 2012

Insane Love for Candles!

Now that we are fully experiencing winter and the dark, cold nights.. I have began to enjoy burning candles to relax in the evenings. Today I purchased a new one to add to my lovely collection, this was the Yankee Candle in the fragrance (Cherries On Snow) I absolutely love this scent especially for the winter time!
I got the medium size candle which is usually £16.99 from most retailers but with about 60 hours burning time with will last me ages!

You can purchase the full range of lovely quality and fragranced Yankee Candles here at (this is the official retailer beware that there are lots of fakes on the Internet which will not be the same quality)
Hope you enjoyed seeing this little update on winter time candles, pop into your nearest Yankee Candles supplier and definitely smell this scent! It is so sweet and warming


  1. I loooove Yankee candles! X

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  3. Recently I got into candles more, but I am not sure Yankee candles are available where I live :( I would really like to try the Cherry one.

    You have a lovely blog :) I am following it now :) Would you have a look at my blog also ?

    Cristina @Cristina's Beauty Box

  4. J'adore les Yankee Candle ! :)

  5. I lovee Yankee Candles they smell amazing!!.. Got one in the kitchen now!


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