Thursday, 18 October 2012

MAC Lipstick Dupe

I was searching through my lipstick collections of many different brands, I have a lot of pink lipsticks in all different light and dark shades. I realised that I had found a drugstore brand that is virtually the same colour as the well known MAC - Girl About Town
The Dupe is available from most Boots & Superdrugs here in the UK. Anywhere that has a Revlon make up stand and the shade is REVLON COLOURBURST LIPSICK - 030 - Fuchsia
The pigmentation is just as good as the MAC lipstick and the lasting power is actually better than the MAC lipstick and I am a well known MAC obsessive, so finding that there is a cheaper version of a nice dark pink is always good to know. photograph below is me wearing the Revlon lipstick (sorry quality is rubbish as it was taken on my Iphone front screen camera)


  1. Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
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  2. Love that colour - i like the quality of revlon make up too generally :)

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  3. Love this colour, I've always wanted to try Revlon lipstick's. Especially their Matte range, everyone say's how good they are!


  4. That is a great dupe, and I love Revlon's lipstick. Good post!

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  5. Cant believe what a good dupe this is!
    Love the colour..
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  6. This colour is lush I love pink lippys

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  8. I love Revlon lipsticks - especially the ColorBurst formulation! They're comparable to MAC in my opinion and much more affordable :) Gorgeous colour!