Thursday, 29 November 2012

What has Clinique 3 Step done for me?

I have been using Clinique's 3 Step System for the last 3 months and decided that it is about time that I made a blog post on what the skin care has done for me and whether I think it is worth the money and the hype.
I had a skin consultation to find out which skin type I was, for anyone who's come across the Clinique 3 Step before you will know that there are 4 different types depending on your skin type. I was told that I was skin type number 3 which is - Combination/Oily. 
Which meant the Step would be the Liquid Facial Soap for Oily skin, Clarifying Lotion 3 and Dramatically different moisturising gel.

So I purchased the products and began using them in the first week I couldn't see a difference and if anything I felt that even though my skin seemed softer but actually appeared worse as I broke out quite a lot. However I told myself it was just the purging stage and carried on using the products day and night. After one month of using the products I would never look back.
My skin felt:

  • Smoother
  • Pores looked reduced
  • Oiliness was reduced
  • Break outs were reduced 
  • More Radiant
The biggest difference I have noticed from using these products is how less prominent my pores have become as this was quite a problem for me. I think my next purchase I will make is on the pore correction serum as this will be even more effective in conjunction with the Basic 3 Step. These products are all Dermatology developed, Allergy tested and Fragrance free. They are something that you need to keep using to see the benefits, as with most 3 Step skin care regimes they are quite hard  to stick to, but I find 3 minutes morning and night is all you need and is soooo worth the outcome!


  1. You're really lucky. The 3 step system is the cause of more dermatological appointments per year than any other skincare item. I'm terrified of it haha because my mother is in dermatology!

    Lea x

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    1. Oh my gosh :(
      It's crazy because I've read about people having reactions, but It works brilliantly with my skin.. Plus clinique products are all allergy tested and don't contain any fragranced ingredients which usually cause allergies
      Thanks for your comment and its a shame it doesn't work for you :( xx

  2. Love this - definitely going to try them x

  3. Love this - definitely going to try them x

  4. i love this! followed!xx

  5. i LOVE this! i use the exact same ones!