Thursday, 29 November 2012

Purple Smokey Eyes

 We are now in the festive season and one of the colour trends is that lovely dark, aubergine purple there are many dresses, shoes, bags and other accessories in this colour on the high street and for the Christmas party's it always nice to do some eye make up that compliments your chosen colour of outfit, this eye make up is also suitable to go with black dressers or maybe even silver. 
To create this look I used the limited edition palette from 17 at Boots to create this look, the palette was from last years collection but I am sure they  have one out similar this year that you could buy, the eye shadows are fantastic quality and are very pigmented for the money! They are perfect for a smokey eye look as the colour's blend so easily for a seamless look. You do not have to be a professional to create these looks they are very easy to create and just require a little practice. I didn't follow the instructions on the lid of the palette as I think it is sometimes easier to create your own colour blend, however the instructions are very useful if you are unsure where to start.

This is the final look! (these photo's are taken on my sister as I found that it would be easier to take photographs of someone else. However this is my own work)

Is there any requested eye make up looks you would like me to do a blog post/tutorial on?


  1. This is such a nice look. I love purple eyeshadow, I think it looks pretty on almost everyone! Great post xx

  2. Oh wow, this is lovely. I black eye liner is super pretty and really finishes the look. Gorgeous :) I'm going to try this myself after seeing it..thanks for sharing