Tuesday, 29 December 2015

A few Boxing Day bargains!

It's a tradition of mine to always wonder into town on Boxing Day to suss out the post Christmas bargains. This year I unfortunately couldn't get very far due to the flooding in the North of England. However we have a few stores in my  home town within walking distance and I luckily managed to have a browse in these stores.
In New Look I found a good few bargains. I managed to pick up some new going out boots reduced to half price! I love New Look footwear as I think for the price they are decent quality and nicely designed. These boots are crazily high but for a girl of 5 foot this is appreciated! I got these boots for £15 and you would expect them to be much more with the look and feel of the boots.

I also picked up a couple of costume necklaces both in gold that I thought would be useful to dress up some outfits. I love statement necklaces as a way of jazzing up clothes for a night out and I feel that these two designs will complement quite a few of my dresses.

Thanks for reading Ladies!

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