Tuesday, 28 August 2012

KIKO Cosmetics

On my Summer holiday to Portugal I visited a shopping centre - Aqua Portimao
I was very impressed with this shopping centre and found many shops I hadn't heard of before. One of which was the cosmetic store - KIKO COSMETICS
Walking into this store amazed me there was a lot of colour and variety which kind of reminded my of one of my favourite cosmetic brand MAC. So straight away i was entrigued, I began looking at the products and special offers and couldn't believe how cheap it was for the pigmentation of the products, I could have gone crazy! However I decided just to choose a couple of things as I'd never tried the brand before. I knew that I could order more online if I needed.
From testing out these two products I purchased I will definitely be buying more!
I am amazed! The pigmentation of both the Nail vanish and the Lipstick are fantastic.

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  1. That pink is lovely, are they available in the uk?

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