Sunday, 20 October 2013

Various Hair Oils

Today I wanted to talk about hair care and specifically hair oils: I sufferer with dry, coarse hair (through over styling and colouring) so this type of product has been a staple in my hair care routine. I am going to show you the three oils I use I tend to use each one at different times of the week depending on how I am styling my hair. All of these products are from different price ranges and therefore this blog post is suitable for all readers, the cheapest of the oils can be picked up for just £2.99 and the most expensive which is the Ojon - rare blend oil which retails at £30.00.

My favourite hair oil of these three is the Matrix - Silk Wonder I find that this product doesn't leave any residue and doesn't weight my hair down. You can also use this product on dry hair just on the ends to tame frizz without making it looking greasy instead it just gives a healthy shine to the hair. But all of these products are recommendations I haven't been disappointed with any of them for the price of the Argan Oil it works very well but it must only be used liberally as it is easy to over load your hair with the product so one pump spread through the ends of your hair is more than enough, the smell of this one isn't too pleasant but for the price it can be dealt with. The Ojon rare blend oil and the Matrix silk wonder both have nice scents to them which is usually the difference with higher end hair products.
If any of you are looking for hair oils I hope this blog post has been helpful

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  1. I genuinely couldnt live without hair oils, i used them every single time i wash my hair and in between washes too, i dont think my hair would be in as good a condition without them, i havent actually tried any of these before but im now keen to try the matrix one from your review :)
    Check out my hair post here for some more oils you can have a look at :)

    Frankie xxx