Wednesday, 2 May 2012

At home hair dye/ acrylic nails

Today has been a bit of a pamper day :) I spent the morning at the dentist and had my teeth polished, I then went on the sun bed which isn't something I usually do but have starting doing in preparation for my holiday in June. After that I decided to do acrylic nails on my sister which is something I haven't done for a while and I am a bit out of practise :/ My sister has blonde hair and her roots were coming through so we used LIVE XXL - Absolute Platinum OOA, to do dye her roots blonde.
However this did not go to plan and her hair ended up looking patchy so I had to take a late night trip to Tesco and purchase a John Freida Foam hair dye to try and tone down the brassy/white hair colour she had been left with. I will post the results to show you what the final result is :) (I'm hoping it is going to good)

The next step :)

Hope this blog post is a help to anyone who is going blonde at home and I shall let you all know how the medium ash blonde works in conjuction with the bleach blonde hair

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