Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Exciting Day!

Today I have been quite busy i took a day of college to get my braces removed :)
My appointment wasn't until the afternoon so my mum and I took a trip to asda and then to one of our local shopping centres! In asda i discovered Chocolate Philadelphia, although it sounds disgusting it is gorgeous and i would definitely recommend it! It is also acceptable as a treat on the diet I'm following which is good.
Whilst shopping i took a trip to Quiz and thought I'd be adventurous and try on a pair of size 8 skinny's well surprise, surprise... they fit :D i was ecstatic!

I did end up purchasing them for £29.99! But they are a lovely fit.
This however was not the high light of my day after purchasing another £50 worth of beauty bits and bobs from bodycare and superdrug, we then went of to my orthodontist appointment...
My teeth are now lovely, straight and white and i feel so happy with them, today has been a wonderful day and the weather has been nice all day :) I now understand peoples excitement when having dental work done it does make a lot of difference and any one who hates wearing braces it sure is worth it in the end


  1. Your teeth look great!

    I had braces a fews years ago and you're right it's defintely worth it.

    Great blog :)...now a follower! would love it if you checked out mine and follow if you like it.

    Becca x


    1. Aww Thank You :) Yeah it is so worth it! Thanks very much for your comment xxx