Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My very much loved ever increasing MAC Collection; x

Dear Blog Readers...

Here's a rather long blog on my beloved MAC makeup collection, please read on and leave me some comments and feedbacks,

Although it won't be the biggest MAC collection that's been blogged about i wanted to write a blog to show my favourite MAC products, most of them tell their own tale as i buy some of them myself and others are presents from good friends.

MAC cosmetics is a fantastic makeup brand that offers many colours of makeup to all kinds of people to create your own make up style and effect. Due to myself being a beauty budget'er i do have to limit my expenditure when i visit MAC counters and because of this i do appreciate my MAC make up very much and therefore mostly use it on special occasions.

Some of my MAC products prices and descriptions listed below:

  • MAC Eyelashes (£10.00)
  • MAC Blusher - Melba (matte) POWDER BLUSH (£17.00)
  • MAC Prep and Prime - Skin Base Visage (£18.00)
  • MAC Studio Fix Foundation - Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 - Shade: NW20 (£19.50)
  • MAC Mineralize Foundation - Mineralize Satin Finish SPF 15 - Shade: NW20 (£22.50)
  • MAC Lipstick - Shade: Angel (£13.50)
  • MAC Leg Spray - SKINSHEEN - Shade: Medium/Dark (£21.00)
  • MAC Eye Shadow - Shade: woodwinked (£11.50)
  • MAC MINI Petite Makeup Bag (£16.00)
Favourite eye shadow ever! Brilliant Pigmented bronze colour, I have never come across a bronze shadow like this one, It is definitely a beauty investment
Fantastic MAC double layer eyelashes bought as a Christmas present.

Favourite blusher! Wouldn't be without it for the world, i use this product almost everday it and it looks good over any powder/liquid foundation. I would definitley recommend this product MELBA Powder Blush as it suits light and darker skin tones and for a natural or dramatic look the product is very versitile and it is an amazing blusher.
Perfect skin match foundation shade NW20 for my skin without fake tan, however with my tan this shade might be slightly to light. I would never be without studio fix foundation as it is a miricale product and I have never tried any other product just like it, it is most definitley one of a kind!

Leg Sheen, almost like Sally Hansen Spray on Tights, it creates a beautiful, bronze colour on the skin and although its a leg sheen it can also be used on the arms and chest. It is a brilliant product however it is not a product to use everyday more for nights out and special occasions.

Hope you have enjoyed this MAC Blog, please leave comments on views of your MAC makeup collections,
Many Thanks,

 Kirsty <3 <3 <3


  1. Heyy great post! I love MAC products but can never justify spending so much on a name :( x

  2. Thank you Rebecca, yes the products are quite pricey i have collected most of mine as presents. I must admit that most of my makeup collection is from cheaper lower end makeup brands and i can still get fantastic results from the makeup, i will be blogging about more beauty bargins soon, so keep a look out :D xx

  3. I agree with Rebecca, they are so pricey, I love the look of the eyelashes though! and the bronze looks a lovely colour



  4. Aww thankyou I'm going to post up some pictures of the eyelashes on :) They are stunning, the woodwinked eyeshadow is fab! Its defo one to put on your christmas list xxx