Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New foundation and cleanser reviews;

On a real downer today :'( But I thought I'd make a blog post to try and take my mind off things..
Last week at the Trafford Centre I thought I'd purchase a products I've been wanting for quite a while;
Dior - Forever Foundation in shade 020 (£29.50) and Estee Lauder - Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (£18.00)

The reason being that I already have quite a few foundations some from high street drug stores and other high end foundations that I will later review, however I have been told by friends that Dior Forever range is very long lasting with good coverage and works well with the skin to provide different areas of the skin with a different treatment so that dry areas will be moisturised and oily areas will be matifyed. As soon as I heard this I wanted to give it a try and although It is pricey It is a fantastic product! The Eye Makeup remover is one of the best I've used however I usually go for cheaper brands for this type of product, It is very good and a very small amount of the product is needed on a cotton wool pad to remove eye makeup.

Moving on to cleansers: I have problems with my skin and It's impossible just to use any cleanser going so I have to use cleanser's specialised for oily skin I have found that if the cleanser is specifically for this type of skin it will cause me to break out :( However these are a few of the cleansers I have tried out and are some of the best apart from one of the products which i have ranked last:
  • 1st - Clinique  - Liquid Facial Soap - Oily Skin Formula (combination oily to oily) (£14.00)
  • 2nd - No 7 - Beautiful Skin - Foaming Cleanser - Normal/Oily (£8.00)
  • 3rd - Simple - Oil balancing Exfoliating Wash (£3.99)
  • No 7 -  Beautifully Balanced - Purifying Cleanser (Oily/combination) (£8.00) - NOT A FAVOURITE OF MINE

All of the products above worked brilliant with my skin aside for the No 7 beautifully balanced cleansing gel; this product states that is specifically for oily skin, however this seemed to make my skin oilier and I had lots breakouts prior to this :( But after using and being un-happy with this product I still carried on using other products from No 7 and decided to use the new skin care range The Beautiful Skin - Foaming Cleanser and I couldn't be happier, The product is retailed at £8.00 in Boots however I had a £5 off No 7 voucher so for £3.00 this is the best bargain I've had in my skin care products, I would even put in up at the same level with my all time favourite Clinique - liquid facial soap.

Thanks for reading this blog post, I would definitely recommend the products I have mentioned aside from one of the cleansers. Is there any products you would recommend for oily skin?
Many Thanks


  1. Hi, I also have really oily skin and I've started using Origins products, I'd really recommend the Balanced Diet moisturiser as it absorbs straight away and doesn't make the skin feel greasy. Love your blog, the layout is gorgeous! :)
    Alex xxx

  2. such a nice and helpful post :)
    I'm still looking for a perfect skincleanser and facewash and I should definitely try them out. I also have oily/combination skin and I must have a good product for summer :'D
    i think your blog is great and I started to follow you, dear :)
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  3. ooh i love skincare! good review!
    brilliant blog hun! keep up the good work :)
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    Idiotic Fashion
    xxxxxxxxxxx Lottie

  4. Great review! Love the blog, now a follower. Stop by my blog sometime and check it out, I'm doing a MAC lipstick giveaway this month :) xoxo

  5. Just came across your blog, love it!

    I also love that Dior Foundation! <3

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  7. Thanks for your comment hun, lovely blog,
    Em xoxo

  8. I would LOVE to read your review on the Dior foundation. I got the Diorskin nude foundation last year and like it but need more mattefying, long-lasting cover

    Can't wait to read it

    Lauren from Lauren Loves xxx

  9. I recently switched from cheaper foundation to the Dior Forever one and absolutely love it - definitley worth the money! Great review - love your blog! x

  10. I'm a big fan of the clinique products, they do wonders to my skin.
    Nice blog! :)