Thursday, 12 January 2012

Favourite Items Post (rather long) - but bargins that had to be reviewed ;)

 Hair slide to add volume when styling hair into a bun. I found this item in primark for £1.50, I have been a fan of the donut hair rings for quite a while as they are great for creating a quick volumed bun, however this hair accessory is a bit more complicated as more clips and bobby pins are required to hold the style in place.
I would definitely recommend going and getting one of these because they are a season must had and you can create easy interesting hair styles with it!
(I will post some pictures of hair styles I've done with this hair slide)
 17 from boots smokey eye shadow palette that i received as a Christmas present! Although I don't wear eye shadow everyday this set of products has become one of my favourites, before getting this i didn't realise how pigmented and good quality 17 eye shadows are! get yourselves into Boots girlie's! Highly recommended.. I also know that they do a wide variety of colours in the individual shadows priced around £2.99

Instructions at the top on how to create the smokey Eye Look!

Beautiful Candles and lantern, excuse the clutter in the background;

These candles are the best scented candles I have had in quite while not quite as brilliant as Yankee Candles however for £1.50 a candle you cannot go wrong. The Red Candle on the left is WILD BERRY scented and the one on the right is PASSION FLOWER, they are absolutely gorgeous and have a long burning life span. I picked them up on sale at Primark near the tills they had been reduced from £2.00 to £1.50.
They are my Faveee as i do have a lot of Love for relaxing Candles! <3

Favourite Eye Liner from the New Soap&Glory cosmetic line available at boots £5.00 for this eyeliner which is a very black smoulder similar to the MAC Kohl Pencil in shade Smoulder. Brilliant Product

Bored of Breaking Coat Hangers so I have invested in several packs of Primark Wooden Hangers for £2.50 for a pack of 5 these are heavy duty coat hangers guaranteed to last and also make wardrobes look a little more coordinated and classy!

Picked up these lashes from Primark for £1.00 in the packet they look very long and luscious so I thought they were worth a try as in my MAC post I posted about MAC eyelashes which are much more pricey and i wanted to see the difference in results from Splurge and Save Fake Eyelashes..
Anyone else tried these?
Last but definitely not least! A couple of lovely Revlon Lipsticks purchased from Revlon at Boots! Left; Revlon colour burst lipstick in 030 Fuchsia
( I seem to have misplaced the one on the left but i will find it and write the shade on)
Swatches of the colours above! They are both fantastically pigmented, Revlon and MAC are my current favourite lipsticks as I find them long lasting and moisturising without being to waxy. 
Thank You very much for Reading, Please leave comments
Kirsty <3


  1. heyy again i remembered how you commented on my blog saying you were trying to establish your blog and was wondering if you'd ever heard of TOWIB? its a beauty blogger event that i thought you might be interested in. it might even be a chance for you to meet some different bloggers. x

  2. Heyy, Ohh that sounds fab! Have you attended the events before? Where abouts do they take place? Thanks very much for the comment :)

  3. i havent been to one yet but im definately going in February. i think they take place in london but the exact location has not yet been confirmed xx

  4. Oh right, I checked out the blog and it looks really good, There's just no way I could travel to London for it I would definitely go if it was closer as I'd love to get more involved with the blogging society

  5. Great post, the revlon lipsticks look lovely <3
    Bex x

  6. Thank you! They are great although i was using the baby pink one as an every day lipstick and i've lost it :'( really hope it turns up soon, thanks for you comment xx

  7. Ooh, I quite like the look of the smoky eyes palette. May check that one out tomorrow. I love a 17 lipstick, Beehive and like you was surprised by the quality:)

  8. Looking forward to seeing the hair styles you create with the primark hair donut, i got the one you pictured above and i just couldn't get the hang of it!

    lovely blog =]

    Tanesha x

  9. heyhey,
    i like your blog.These lipsticks look pretty good.
    It's hard to read what you wrote because the background is so dark and the letters too maybe you can make the letters brighter.That would be super.

  10. no idea how to use the hear piece from Primark, can you show some pictures?

    nice blog!